Tee Ball Drills

If you’re a coach or parent looking for tee ball drills to either spice up your practices or give you child an edge, you’ve come to the right place. There are three complimentary video drills below which we believe will help you coach your players to better batting and fielding. In addition to these drills, we have more than 70 minutes of additional drills available at our sister web site, www.teeballuniversity.com, along with helpful practice plans, coaching forms, lesson notes and a Coaching Forum.

Click to view sample lessons:

Lesson 1 – Squash The Bug
Lesson 2 – Batting Grip
Lesson 3 – Scoop, Load & Fire

Additional Resources

If you liked these lessons, Coach Steve offers over an hour of additional video
lessons which can be viewed instantly on line or can be ordered on DVD.
For more information visit www.tballu.com

Coaching Forms, Practice Plans, Lesson Notes and Ask the Coach Forum
are also available at www.tballu.com